Clergy Care

BGC Canada has coupled with The Clergy Care Network and Focus on the Family Canada to help provide guidance when life is challenging – and rejoice with you when things are going well.

The Clergy Care Network (CCN) is a ministry based out of Focus on the Family Canada. Recognizing that the needs and concerns that clergy families face are unique and require specialized care, the ministry of the CCN exists solely to provide support and encouragement to pastors and their families.

As a pastor of the BGCC, here are some of the resources available to you through the CCN:


How to Acces it:

Counselling: Confidential, professional counselling available over-the-phone to pastors, their spouses and children, free of charge.

Call 1-888-5-CLERGY Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m, PST.

Online Resources: Articles available on their website, as well as various books, broadcast CDs, etc. for sale at the Focus on the Family bookstore.

Articles available at The Clergy Care Network and

Focus on Pastors Email: A monthly e-newsletter for pastors. Each issue contains bites of information, resources, and encouragement that is directly relevant to the needs and ministry of Canadian pastors.

Sign up for the Focus on Pastor’s e-newsletter here.

Kerith Creek Retreat Centre: One of the newest additions to the CCN, Kerith Creek in Priddis, Alberta is available to both married and single ministry leaders as a safe haven to learn, reflect and be renewed. There are a number of retreats available throughout the year.

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