Help For Pastors

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Administrative Calendar
Stay up to date on the latest news and events by following our Administrative Calendar.
Benefit Plans
"Pension and Insurance Benefit Plan" through the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) continues to provide excellent health coverage and retirement benefits. CCCC works hard on our behalf to provide quality service and competitive rates. Please read the following information for more detail on what is available to BGC Canada churches and their employees.
Clergy Care Network
BGC Canada has coupled with The Clergy Care Network and Focus on the Family Canada to help provide guidance when life is challenging – and rejoice with you when things are going well. For more information click on Clergy Care.
Credentialing is a process by which our Conference honours, affirms and expresses confidence in their pastors. It is also a means for pastors to testify their commitment to the faith and values that bind us together as a Conference.
Customized training from MB Seminary. MinistryLift provides in-person church-based training that is delivered onsite and is additionally accessible through live-streaming technology. Since 2013, MinistryLift has resourced leaders from over 290 churches and 35 denominations by helping them overcome their ministry challenges.